Kentucky native.

Kansas livin'.

I make words happen.

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hey there.


I’m a writer/marketing guy currently based in Lawrence, Kansas and hailing from the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky. 

I found my way to a career in marketing the usual way. By moving to the middle of the country, interviewing communes for a religious studies master's, making a career 180° in my mid-20s, then landing in a marketing grad program. (Cliché, I know.)

I like to dabble. I like to experiment. I like digging deep into problems and uncovering interesting solutions. Most of all, I like making exciting things with good people. My aim is simple: Strive to find the right idea, go beyond what’s expected and have fun doing it.


Off the clock, I enjoy camping, hiking & travel, overpriced bourbon, slightly pretentious movies, brewery patio lounging and other very millennial activities.


Let’s make something cool together.



University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS)

MS, Integrated Marketing Communications, 2021

MA, Religious Studies, 2017


Morehead State University (Morehead, KY)

BA, Philosophy + minor in Studio Art, 2015


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